What is armoured? What are types of Armored cables?
What is armoured?
"Armor refers taht in the most outside products add a layer of metal protection, lest the utility layer of internal damaged in the transportation and installation.
For example armoured cable, cable insulation outer layer add a layer of metal or other material, (as the environment of cable laying to decide), so as to protect the cable, and not is damaged by outside mechanical, chemical corrosive gases and so on, this layer is sheathed layer. Inside it to be effective plastic or lead skin is really protective layer, but more advanced cable outside, and then wrapped a layer of steel strip, in order to protect the inside. In use, the steel belt protection layer, after the installation, is completed the mission.
armoured cable

What is armoured cable?
Armored cable is composed of different conductor material installed in the insulating material of the metal casing, is processed into flexible solid assembly.
Armored cable mechanical protection layer can be added to any structure of the cable, to increase the mechanical strength of the cable, improve the anti erosion ability is designed as vulnerable to mechanical damage and erosion prone area telephone cable. You can use any kind of way of laying, more suitable for rock area laying buried.
What is armoured cable features?
Armored cable is generally fixed power cable laying, popular is fixed in one place and no mobile, power line transmission of electrical energy.
Cable with armoured layer in addition to the above purpose, can also enhance tensile strength, compressive strength and other mechanical protection to extend the service life.
Armored has certain anti external performance, can also be wary of worrying the rat, not through armor causing power transfer problems, the bending radius of the armored shall be large, armored layer can be ground to protect the cable.
What are types of armoured cable?
Armour is divided into steel armor (22, 23), thin steel wire armored(32,33),  thick steel wire armored (42,43).
Steel armored cable models: VV22, VVP22, ZRVV22, NH-VV2;
Control cable with steel tape armoured cable, KVV22, KVVP2, KVVP22 model, ZR-KVV22
Steel wire armoured power cable: VV32, YJV32, ZR-VV32 model
Steel wire armored control cable type: KVV32 KVVP32
Armoured communication cable type: HYA53, HYAT53, HYA23, HYV22, HYA22 (ratproof, buried)

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