What is armour cable used for?
Armored cable
Armored cable is a kind of metal armoured cable, cable armoring layer in addition to the purpose of enhancement tensile strength, compressive strength and other machines protection and prolong the service life, can improve the anti-interference performance of the cable through the shielding protection.
Commonly used materials are steel tape, steel wire, aluminum, tubes and other,  steel strip, steel wire braided layer and high permeability, good electromagnetic shielding effect, can used for low frequency interference, can make armored cables directly buried and poling, more cheap and fine application.
Armored cable machine protective layer can be added to any structure of cable to increase the mechanical strength and enhance their ability of cable, anti erosion, vulnerable to be damaged, vulnerable to erosion area and special design of cables.
Armoured cables are usually two kinds: steel wire armored and steel tape armored.
To make the cable bear radial pressure, using double strip, gap winding process, that is said steel tape armored cable; the steel tape is wrapped on the cable core, then extruding the plastic sheath. This kind of cable models expressive methods are: control cable KVV22, communication cable VV22, plastic power cable SYV22, etc. The cable type subscript has two Arabic numerals, the first: "2" said double steel tape armor; the second: "2" said PVC sheath, such as change polyethylene sheath "2" to "3". This type of cable is generally used in large bearing pressure occasions. For example: crossing roads, squares and large vibration road, the railway side, is suitable for underground, tunnels and wear pipe laying.
Armored cable
In order to make the cable withstand large axial tension, adopts a plurality of low carbon steel wire winding process, called steel wire armored cable. after cabling the steel wire according to certain distance wrapped on the core wire and then squeeze sheath, the cable model representation methods, such as control cable KVV32, plastic power cable VV32, coaxial cable HOL33 etc. Models of two Arabic numerals, the first: "3" said fine steel wire armoured; the second: "2" said PVC sheathed, "3" said polyethylene sheath. This type of cable is generally used in the occasions with large span, large laying gap.
So this armoured cable can be used for laying in any way, more suitable for directly burial laying in rock area.
Armor cable layer in addition to the purpose of the enhancement, tensile strength, compressive strength and other machines to protect and prolong service life, armored force resistance in a certain extent, can put some rat bite, not by armoured power transmission problems, bending radius, armour layer can protect cables.

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