West African Power Interconnection Project
ECOWAS Regional Electricity Regulatory Deputy, Ifeyinwa Ikeonu, recently said that regional power interconnection project would be put into operation by the end of 2016, and then it could be carried out cross-border electricity trade between Member States, which was not only conducive to regional energy supply, but also strengthen regional energy security.
In attending the sixth session of ECOWAS Advisory Committee meeting, Ikeonu said regulators and operators would review the electricity market dispute settlement procedures and implement the draft rules to perform the judicial function of regional power trade.
In addition, the meeting would also consider the electricity pricing scheme and the West African Power Community operating manuals,etc.
It was reported that the regional electricity interconnection projects of the Economic Community of West African States has gotten the EU's financial support of about 1.1 billion euros. Ignacio Burrull European Union representative in Ghana, said the European Union would continue to increase the electricity infrastructure of West African countries in the future, particularly in renewable energy.
Norsk Hydro: Continue to Expand the Global Submarine Cable Market
Graham Wilkie, the Sales Director of Norsk Hydro, recently in an interview said, "In fact, the falling oil prices have created new opportunities for undersea transmission market, and Hydro Group will continue to expand undersea cable market in the future."
Submarine transmission system is increasingly being used for the interconnection projects of  long-distance and short-distance transport of sea, lake and river, and many systems are towards HVDC technology.
Graham Wilkie said the current global marine business was experiencing a huge challenge, and that was the global energy structure was undergoing a transformation in the context of continued decline in oil prices, whether it was electricity operators or energy enterprises were caught in a more difficult situation. Therefore, within the foreseeable future, the global market would catch up with the high voltage power transmission, submarine trend.
Graham Wilkie stressed that in order to meet the growing demand for electricity interconnection, Hydro Group would continue to improve the design and connectivity needs of submarine cables, to match the user’s new demand for submarine cables due to the increasingly complex environment.

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