Underground electrical cable types
Underground electrical cable
Underground cables, that is, the cable, compared with the common overhead lines, as its often buried in the ground, it is also known as underground cable.
Cable is made by single or a plurality of mutually insulated outside the conductor insulating layer and protective layer, will be used to transfer power or information from one place to another.
Unlike overhead high-voltage lines, underground cables are often laid in cable trench, tunnel, pipe, or indoor. After entering the modern society, because of the tension of urban land, traffic pressure, city construction and other reasons, large cities generally use underground cable transmission mode. Relative to the overhead cable, has the advantages of small occupation, reliable transmission, strong anti-interference ability etc.
Cable types: power cable, control cable, compensation cable, shielded cable, high temperature cable, computer cable, signal cable, marine cable, etc.
Underground electrical cable features:
Underground cable is laying in the ground, not occupy the ground, space, the same underground cable channel, can accommodate several routes lines; in the city roads and large factories, with cable power, is conducive to the appearance of the city, factory capacity, natural weather conditions (such as lightning, wind and rain, salt fog, pollution) and the surrounding environment has little effect on the cable.
Underground electrical cable types:
Underground cables types are various, cables mainly are: Cross-linked polyethylene insulated power cables(XLPE), rubber sleeve flexible cable, coal mine resistance cable, Marine cable, aluminum wire and copper wire, PVC insulated control cables, PVC insulated cable, computer special cable, signal cable,etc.

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