SWA power cable suspension and connection requirements
swa power cable

(1) in horizontal tunnel or inclination less 30 degrees of roadway, should use hook for hanging cables; in the shaft or the inclination angle is greater than or equal to 30 degrees of roadway, cable should use clip, card hoop or other clip to installation, and the clamping device should bear the weight of the cable and not to damage the cable.
In the horizontal roadway or inclined shaft, the suspension cable should be properly relaxed, and can freely fall under the unexpected gravity. The cable hanging height shall be suitable, so that the mine car derailment, will not impact cables.
In horizontal or inclined roadway; cable suspension point spacing should not be more than 3m; and in the shaft, the spacing should not more than 6m.
When the cable is laid along the borehole, the borehole must be equipped with casing, and the cable must be tied to wire rope.
(2) the cable should not be hung in the wind pipe or water pipe, it shall not be subjected to water or water dripping, and no longer hanging any object on it.
When the cable is laid on the same side of the tunnel with the wind pressure or the water supply steel tube, it must be placed above the pipe and kept at a distance of more than 0.3m with him.
In principle cable and rubber tube or other combustible hang on both sides of the roadway, unless in the side, make it mutual distance above 0.3 m.
(3) in the shaft and tunnel telephone signal cable, with power cable shall branch hang on both sides of the roadway; if not, in the wellbore internal laying away from space power cable 0.3m; in the roadway internal laying above power cable  and keep more than 0.1M distance.
When the high and low voltage power cables are laid on the same side of the roadway, they should have more than 0.1M space. In order to facilitate the hanging, the distance between two high voltage cables and two low voltage cables shall not be less than 50mm.
(4) in underground tunnels along the cable, in every other distance (generally not more than 100m) at, at turning point or branching, and with different diameter of cable junction box at both ends of the connecting should in a hook or a clamping device hanging signs, and on the board indicate number, use, voltage and so on, in order to identify.
(5) to facilitate inspection and maintenance, principle of cable laying in shaft should not have joints, but if wellbore too deep to a joint, to arrange in the middle level in the tunnel.
(6) laying in the same indoor and wooden support roadway cable must the jute skin peeling, and should be regularly in the armored layer and coated with anti rust paint. Application of cable casing protection wall, and should be tightly sealed the nozzle.

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