SWA electrical cable armoring process and matters needing attention
electrical cable armoring process
1, steel wire armored form
The backtwist way of steel wire armored, according to different specifications of the steel wire and process requirements, need to adjust the pre deformation arc height and arc width, so that the wire deformation into spiral is matched with the cable diameter, pitch, so it is not easy to loose. But now many manufacturers in the steel wire armored production line, without the use of pre deformation apparatus; there are manufacturers in the production of large diameter swa electrical cable, often using plate warping machine armored wire, namely static wire line, take-up reel rotation, this way is not backtwist armor. These two kinds of steel wire armored form, the effect is not ideal. In production, the best is that outside armour wire wrapped one or two layers of non-woven fabric wrapped, to prevent steel wire loose, affect the quality of steel wire armored.
2. Steel wire armored cable torsion stress release
Steel wire electrical armoured cable in the cable and wire armoring process, there is a certain amount of surplus torque. After the steel wire armored, the torque is required to be effectively released, prevent the wire armoured cable laying radial rotation. If cable radial rotation is handled improperly, will cause serious quality accident, such as armored layer and an outer sheath damage deformation, while cable core directly pulled off.
3, double steel wire armoured
In order to ensure that the special steel wire armored cable (such as optical cable, photoelectric composite cable, and other exploration photoelectric composite cable), structural stability in the process of using, need the accurate design of steel wire armored cable parameters, the inside and outside two layer steel wire armored armored cables forming torque equal and opposite direction, namely steel wire armored cable torque to achieve balance, to ensure the structural stability of armored cable.

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