Price of armoured cable in China
The armored cable refers that cable shielded layer and metal material, cable with armored layer in addition to prolong the life, enhance mechanical protection and enhancing the tensile strength, compressive strength, but also can improve the anti-jamming performance of cable by shielding protection.
Armor materials are commonly used steel tape, steel wire, aluminum strip, aluminum strip, etc., wherein the steel wire armoring layer has high magnetic permeability, magnetic shielding effect is very good, can be used for anti low-frequency interference, and can make the armored cables directly buried pipe from wear and good in practice.
Different specifications and different numbers of copper wire according to the dispaly order and lay distance twisted together, became the conductor has larger diameter, large diameter of the stranded twisted conductor than single copper wire with same diameter is more soft, make the wire with good bending performance, the test when the swing is not easy to break, for some the soft wire (for example medical grade wire) more easily meet the requirements.
Armored electrical cable contains insulated electrical service wires protected by a flexible steel covering. Unarmored electrical cable has no protective flexible steel covering, its covering is made of plastic.
Armored cable (BX) is the older version of Metal Clad cable (MC). It was flexible steel covered wire that used the steel as it's Ground. BX was a poor grounding system so it was replaced with MC which looks similar but has a separate Grounding conductor. MC is most often made with aluminum as its cover.
Some kinds of armored cable are in fact made to a tougher standard than the ordinary soft wire strand types of shielded cable that are used for hooking-up antennas. The 'armor' is actually a thin flexible metal film that better protects the wire or wires inside from damage in high use or high traffic areas. Such kinds of armored cable are also used in radio frequency assemblies in electronic equipment.
Cable covered with protective armour wires. Used mainly in shallow water (up to 2000m depth) in an attempt to prevent damage to the cable by fishing gear, anchors etc. Although with the tendency of deeper fishing activities it will be necessary to increase the depth to which armouring is used.
Different kinds and different specification of armoured cable is different, relatively copper price is higher than aluminum, and armoured cable is composed of copper conductor or aluminum, metallic shield, PVC/PE sheathed, steel tape/wire, or aluminum tape/aluminum alloy wire, so the price of armoured cable should be calculated.
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