Power cable installation,operation,installation procedures
The arrangement of cables must be in accordance with the following requirements:
(1) power cables and control cables shall be arranged separately;
(2) when power cables and control cables are laid on the same side, the control cable shall be placed under the power cable.
(3) where possible, the DC cable is far away from the power cable and the AC control cable.
Power cable installation procedures:
1. installation of buried cable, the general use of armoured cables, buried depth shall be not less than 0.7 meters;
2. for 10kV and below the cable installation, the net distance is more than or equal to 0.1 M, for above 10kV cable installed, the net distance is more than or equal to 0.25 m, crossover cable installation net distance is more than or equal to 0.5 meters;
3. when the cable is closed to the heat pipe (including oil pipeline), the net distance is more than 2 meters, during crossover, the net distance is not less than 0.5 meters;
4. buried cable laying, cable trench bottom must have good soil, there should be no stone or other hard debris, or should pave 100mm soft soil or sand. After the cable laied, above should be pave 100mm soft soil or sand layer, then cover concrete protective plate, cover width should be exceed 50mm than the cable diameter two sides;
5. cable from underground or cable trench leads to the ground, the ground 2 meters should use metal tube or cover to be protected, the root should be extended underground 0.1 meters;
6. Outside the shielding layer of the cable installation, the terminal must be cleaned semi conductive shielding layer, the operations shall not damage the insulation. At the end of the cable, copper strip and wire must be well grounded, the grounding wire should adopt copper tinned textile, connection with cable's coper tape, should adopt ferrochrome solder;
7. cable loading and unloading must use a crane or forklift, prohibit the use of flat delivery or flatwise, large size of the cable installation must use the cable laying device;
8. cable end should be sealed, to prevent the erosion of water and other corrosive materials.

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