Installing armored cable steps and laying
Installing armored cable
Installing armored cable steps:
1) check cable channel, cable bridge, cable wells, embedded cable duct cable path unblocked.
2) clean cable trench bracket, cable bridge, cable wells, buried pipe debris and burrs. In case of scoring cable when cable laying.
3) the actual measurement of the final length of each cable, then custom cable.
4) to avoid the rehandling and anti-theft, partial delivery directly to the construction area.
5) the distribution of the power distribution and local equipment marked good number.
6) when laying cables, the cable tray is used to support the cable tray, and the cable tray should be set up, the edge of the baffle plate is not less than 100mm. During laying note the direction of rotation to ensure not loose. When laying the cable, all personnel should obey the unified command. Mutual communication should be reliable. A cable laying is completed, immediately arrange along the cable card, to ensure neat appearance. And then lay the next cable. At some important turning point, each cable should be consistent and parallel to each other.
7) the attention of the armoured cable specifications and models comply with the design, the bending radius of cable should comply with the specifications, cable lashing uniform plastic plated black tie line, firmly fixed, control cable fixed spacing of 800 mm,
8) when installation armoured cable, the cable should be drawn from the upper end of the cable shaft, and the cable should not be made on the bracket and ground.
Note that the cable should not have any damage, such as armoured layer flatten.
Armored cable laying requirement:
1, mine cable and the thermal pipe parallel installation, should maintain 2m  distance, during intersection should be maintained at 0.5m.
2, cable and other pipeline parallel or cross installation, all should maintain 0.5m distance.
3, cable buried installation, 1-35kV armoured cable buried depth should be less than 0.7m.
4, During 10kV and the following cable parallel installation, each net distance is not less than 0.1M, 10-35kV is not less than 0.25m, during intersection the distance is not less than 0.5m.
5, the minimum bending radius of the cable: multi core cable shall not be less than 15D, single core cable shall not be less than 20D (D for cable diameter).
6, 6kV and above cable connector.
A. The installation of cable terminal, must strip semi-conductive shielding layer, the operation may not damage insulation layer, should avoid marks and uneven situation, when necessary using sandpaper; shielding ends should be formed, and clean the graphite layer (carbon particles).
B. plastic insulated cable end copper shield and the steel armor cable must be well grounded, the short line should also follow this principle, to avoid unbalanced operation when the steel armor at the end of the induced electromotive force and ignition and combustion accident of sheath. Ground outlet using tin and copper braided wire, cable connection soldering iron application, should not be used to avoid burning torch welding, insulation.
C. three-phase copper shielding should be respectively connected with a ground line, shielding grounding and attention should be drawn, steel armor grounding wire insulated with each other, welding wire position should be under.
7, the basic requirements of the cable terminal head and the intermediate head:
A. conductor is connected well;
B. insulation is reliable, and it is recommended that use the radiation crosslinking heat shrink type silicone rubber insulation material;
C. seal well;
D. adequate mechanical strength, can adapt to various operating conditions.
8, cable ends must be waterproof, corrosion and other corrosive materials, to prevent the insulation aging and breakdown caused by water tree.
9, cable loading and unloading must use a crane or forklift, prohibit the flat delivery, flatwise, large cable installation must be used the cable car, so as to avoid cable suffer external force damage or due to artificial drag scratch insulation layer.
10, if armoured cable is not timely laying, should be placed in a dry place to storage, prevent sunlight and cable socket inflow water.

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