How to terminate SWA (steel wire armoured) cable?
For the smaller and middle sizes of armoured cables, the quickest way to terminate SWA cable(steel wire armoured cable) is the following:
1.Strip 1 inch of outer insulation from the SWA wire by the wire cutters. This will expose the steel jacket behind the second layer of insulation.
2. Fray the steel insulation carefully. Snip the shielding at the base strand by strand, using the wire cutters. This is far easier than attempting to cut the entire shield at once.
3. Strip the second layer of insulation, so that it is 1 inch longer than the steel armour. This exposes the inner individual conductors.
4. Strip 3/4 inch of insulation from each inner conductor by the wire strippers.
5. Set the SWA wire's inner conductors parallel with the wires in the junction box. Slide a wire nut over each connection. Screw the nuts on clockwise until hand-tight. Do not overtighten.
6. Tighten the strain relief clamp at the junction box's entry point that the SWA cable passes through. Use the Philips or flathead screwdriver to make this termination.
7. Screw the cover plate onto the junction box, using the flathead screwdriver.
1. Make sure to consult local electrical code to determine if need to add metal shielding over the SWA cable, before terminating it.
2. You may also use a cable gland to serve as strain relief and a secondary ground, if the junction box does not have a strain relief collar. Remember to use a waterproof gland if used outside.
Cutting Armored Cable:
The outer sheathing of steel armoured cable is made of a steel strip that is wound in a spiral, creating a continuous tube. Choose the location you wish to cut the cable and saw perpendicular to the steel strip. A vice to hold the cable is helpful. Once the strip is cut, twist the two sides in opposite directions and pull the cable apart. A better and easier way is to use an armoured cable cutter available at home centres and hardware stores. The cable is placed in the cutter and a handle rotated until the wheel cuts the cable. The cable will pull apart at the cut if you twist the cable on either side of the cut. It takes three cuts to have a useful piece of cable for wiring. One to the cable to length, and two more to remove the armoured sheathing and expose the wires to make connections. Short pieces can be done with two cuts. When using a hacksaw, be very careful not to damage the wire insulation or the bonding wire.

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