How to install armored cable?
install armored cable1. The cable laying installation shall be conducted by qualified professional units or professional personnel, does not comply with the construction and installation requirements of the relevant regulations, may cause the cable system is not operating properly.
2. The human laying cable, should be unified command and control rhythm, every 1.5 ~ 3 meters one shoulder cable, side edges, slowly casting.
3. machinery cast cable, special cable laying machine commonly used and equipped with the necessary tools of traction traction control, proper size, uniform, so as not to damage the cable.
4. The cast of cable before to check the appearance of the cable and head is intact, you pay attention to the rotation direction of the cable tray, not flattening or scratch the cable outer sheath, the low temperature in winter when not to beat to straighten the cable insulation and sheath, in order to avoid cracking.
5. The bending radius of cable laying is greater than the specified value. In between before and after using 1000V megger each cable conductor insulation resistance is normal installation and cable laying, cable according to the specifications, the length and the environmental temperature. The measurement results are properly corrected, small size (less than 10mm2 solid core conductors) cable should also measure the conductor is on and off.
6. If the cable buried directly, should pay attention to soil conditions, the buried depth of general buildings under the cable is not less than 0.3 meters, the softer or the surrounding environment is complex, such as farmland, construction sites or roads, there must be some buried depth (0.7 to 1 meters), to prevent accidental damage of buried cables. When necessary, the obvious signs erected.

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