How to buy swa cable?
swa cable
Cable to bear larger mechanical force, should have the armor layer. The most common type of armoured cable: steel tape armored cable and steel wire armored cable. Steel wire armored cable is divided into thick steel wire armored cable (commonly used in submarine cable and power cable with larger outer diameter) and fine steel wire armoured cable (commonly used in the exploration cable, mine cable and control cable).
Steel wire armor cable (swa cable) can bear general longitudinal tensile, so it is suitable for short distance overhead or vertical installation. In foreign countries, steel wire armored cable is common used.
Steel wire armored cable is divided into thick and fine steel wire. Thin steel wire is generally about 1mm, and the coarse steel wire is above 2mm.
The most commonly used steel wire armored cable is steel wire armoured power cable and steel wire armored control cable. Steel wire armoured cable production, should strictly implement the relevant national and international standards (or related specification), to ensure that armoured cables with stable structure and good performance in the process of use.
Steel wire armoured cable mainly performs the following standards:
GB/T 12706-2008 rated voltage 1kv-35kv insulated power cable and accessory( or IEC 60502) and GB/T 9330-2008 plastic insulated control cable;
GB/T 2952-2008 cable outer sheath and GB/T 3082-2008 armored cable with hot dip galvanized or dip galvanized-5% aluminum mixed low carbon steel wire.
SWA cable model:
32 —— thin circular steel wire armoring PVC sheath
33 —— thick circular steel wire armoring PE sheath
42 —— thick circular steel wire armoring PVC sheath
43 —— thick circular steel wire armoring PE sheath
Steel armoured cable specification:
How to buy suitable swa cable?
Material: steel wire shall be galvanized steel wire. Single core armored cable in AC circuit should use non-magnetic material, non-magnetic metal wire is  general stainless steel wire, Aluminum Alloy wire etc.
Steel wire diameter: 0.8 mm, 1.25 mm, 1.6 mm, 2 mm, 2.5 mm, 3.15mm, (GB/T12706.1-2008 12.4), the minimum diameter of the steel wire is not less than 95% of the nominal diameter.
Requirements of armour layer: steel wire armoured is steel wire single layer left or double wire inner dextrad, outer sinistrad lapping on the inner layer,  and the gap sum between the wires should not exceed the diameter of a piece of wire.
The number of steel wire:
  N0 as an integer
  N- Sheathed wire gap num is equal to the number of the steel wire;
  N0-the measured number of armoured wire;
  D-the measured diameter of steel wire armoured layer, mm;
  d-Sheathed wire (including corrosion protective layer) measured outer diameter, mm;
  α-wire winding angle,(°);
  L-the measured wire winding pitch, mm.

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