How to select the cable laying way?
1. cable laying mode selection should be according to the engineering conditions, the characteristics of the environment and the cable type, number and other factors, and meet the reliable operation, easy maintenance and technical and economic reasonableness principle.
2. cable buried way, shall comply with the following provisions:
(1) pathway with less than six 35 kV and below the power cable, in the factory leading to the long-distance auxiliary facilities or suburb of the city is not easy to have regular excavation area, should adopt the buried; in the urban pavement is easy to revision or the edge of the road, but also by direct burial.
(2) plant underground pipe network more lots, there may be a place of molten metal, high temperature liquid overflow, to be developed to have more frequent excavation, not buried.
(3) in soil chemical corrosion or corrosion of stray current, shall not be directly buried.
3. cable pipe laying mode selection, shall comply with the following provisions:
(1) in explosion hazardous area laying cable, exposing the cable floor need to be protected, and underground cables and highway, railway crossing should be used when wearing.
(2) underground cable, and cable laying planning will be in as lots of roads, should be used to wear tube.
(3) in narrow underground pipe network is dense in the factory area, urban road and traffic and road mining difficult channels cable when the quantity is more, can adopt the wear tube.
4. the following places should adopt the shallow trench laying method:
(1) high underground water level places.
(2) power cable channel number is less, and don't often have the truck through outdoor distribution device etc.
5. cable trench laying choice, shall comply with the following provisions:
(1) in place of chemical corrosion liquid or molten metal overflow, or in areas frequented by vehicle load shall not use cable trench.
(2) often plant industrial water overflow, combustible dust filled, should not be used for cable channel.
(3) in factory, a large number of buildings in the underground cable but does not need to use the tunnel, inconvenience of urban pavement excavation and cable laying stage, also do not belong to the, the appropriate use of cable trench.
(4) explosion and fire prevention requirements laid in cable, should adopt sand buried trench laying.
6. laying cable tunnel, shall comply with the following provisions:
(1) underground cables of the same channel number, channel of cable should be used when the tunnel is not sufficient to accommodate.
(2) A larger number of the same channel of underground cable and is located in the corrosive liquid or ground water overflow place often or containing above 35kV high voltage cable and crossing the road, railway and other areas should be through a tunnel.
(3) In the utility tunnel cable laying by larger Road Town underground channel conditions and traffic flow, and more cables along the same path with non high temperature water, gas and communication cable pipeline joint configuration.
7. perpendicular cable should be along the wall, column installation; when there are a large number, or containing more than 35kV high voltage cable, should be adopted in the shaft.
8. cable relay control room, protection room etc., should be arranged at the lower part of the cable interlayer. Cable number is less, can also use cable layer with cover plate.
9. in high water level, chemical corrosion liquid overflow place, workshop should be adopted to support type overhead laying. When the building or the plant is not to be laid down, it can be used as an overhead.
10. surface and should not be used to support the overhead laying place, by hanging overhead laying.
11. through cable rivers, reservoirs, bridges, dams with unconditional laying, can take underwater laying.
12. workshop of within overhead bridge laying way should not set the maintenance channel, city cable line overhead bridge laying mode can set the maintenance channel.

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