How to ground connection earth armoured cable?
Cable grounding specification:
1. when the cable is only one single layer, the shielding layer equipotential at one end is connected with the ground.
2. when the cable has a double-layer insulation isolation, the outermost layer both ends of the shield ground connection, and the inner shield one end equipotential ground connection.
3. when the cable is used for the serious interference, rat frequently and lightning-proof, explosion-proof requirements, should adopt the armored shielded twisted pair cable. When in use, the armored layer both ends are grounded, the inner shield one end is grounded.
Earth armoured cable grounding specification:
ground connection earth armoured cable
The power cable is usually used for long-distance power transmission, so its length is longer, which is equivalent that between the cable core and the insulating layer produce a large ground capacitance, when the cable through-flow, will generate large capacitance current, pose a threat to people and facilities along, so in practice installation and operation, require that the external steel armored cable be good ground connection, as the capacitor current through the grounding line drain into the earth, reduce the influence of the surroundings, when grounding bad connection or disconnect, the capacitor current will exist between wire cable and steel armor, easy to cause cable heating, can lead to the decrease of the level of cable insulation.
How to ground connection earth armoured cable?
1. According to the cable head type and size requirements, peel except outer sheath.
2. Welding parts of the earth uses steel file processing, for welding.
3. At the same time playing steel belt clip, 10mm2 bare copper flexible wire is in alignment, then stuck in the clip.
4. Using the cable itself 1/2 of steel belt as clip, adopt the method of bite to play fast, must play two, prevents the steel belt loosen, two clip distance is 15 mm.
5. Strip the cable armor: in the first clip up 3 to 5 mm, use hacksaw to saw a ring gash, depth is two-thirds of the strip thickness, shall not be cut through.
6. With screwdriver in the kerf angle stir up steel belt, torn off steel tape with pliers, then steel belt curf place with steel file repair the steel belt burr, make it smooth.
7. Welding ground: ground wire uses soldering welding on the cable steel,  welding should be strong, should not have empty welding phenomenon, should pay attention not to burn the cable.
ground connection earth armoured cable

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