Hangzhou Bay area will be carried out cable earthing project
Recently, the Shuangcheng pharmaceutical Binhai Hangzhou Bay District four road both sides of road will carry out cable earthing project.
Then, double pharmaceutical, Geely and Volvo China design and test center, Lin Feng medical science and Technology Industrial Park, Hangzhou Bay Kang Taibo life science and Technology Park, along the enterprises will also enjoy more secure and reliable grid services.
It is reported that the district had has been successively implemented coastal road of Shanghai Volkswagen and Lu bay joy water world and other sections of the underground cable project, cable line "by day into" after, of urban landscape, power supply security has greatly improved.
On this basis, the new district decided to increase investment, on the Oklahoma City, rural power grid upgrading project is 10 kV overhead line "change" project and the project as one of the next year, the new focus on infrastructure projects. It is reported that the project with a total investment of about 2 billion yuan, 10 kV distribution project contains 27 involving Metro sector, industrial sector, and um Zhen Dong area important block overhead line transformation and into other content. The project is divided into three phases, in which the cable earthing is about 120 kilometers, the new switch cabinet is 824 flour.

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