External factors affecting power cable carrying capacity
power cable carrying capacityEnvironment is the external factors that affect the carrying capacity of the cable, the reasonable increase the cable spacing, select the appropriate laying place, etc. can enhance the cable carrying capacity.
1. reasonable arrangement, increase the distance between the cable
The proximity effect and the skin effect can be formed when a plurality of wires are deposited, and the charge is concentrated in the section of the conductor section, and the allowable current carrying capacity of the conducting wire is reduced. And multi-piece combine laying lead to the accumulation of heat, it will reduce the carrying capacity.
Such as 2.5mm2 copper, I=32A independent wiring; household 2 phase 2 line with cloth I=25.6A; industrial three-phase three wire cloth I=22.4A; 4 line cloth I=19.2A.
2. laying in a good area of heat dissipation, filled with heat conductive medium
When calculating the current carrying capacity of the conducting wire, the cable environment temperature is desirable: the air is laid to take 30℃, and the ground is laid at 25℃, or is determined according to the local temperature data.
Ambient temperature effect: the higher the temperature, the smaller the carrying capacity of the cable.
Such as 2.5mm2 BLV aluminum core line (limit temperature 65℃), the ambient temperature of 25℃, Iy=25A; ambient temperature of 40℃, Iy=19A.

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