Energy Internet Has Brought Business wire and cable
Wire and cable should not be underestimated role under energy Internet trends. To put it simply, Energy Internet just make the Internet, and wind, solar and other renewable energy sources combined to achieve energy sharing.
Wire and cable acts as a transmission belt to transfer energy and power, and its role should not be underestimated. Wire and cable plays a very important role in China's manufacturing industry, and the current annual output value is more than 1.2 trillion yuan. In the trend of rapid development of today's energy Internet, wire and cable industry is also trying to speed up development, and strive to overcome overcapacity, big but not strong and other issues. It also fully grasps the opportunities brought by the Internet strategy to achieve efficiency gains and intelligent manufacturing.
Energy transmission over the Internet not only drives the further development of the wire and cable industry, but also brings some challenges. From the point of view of the development trend, the birth of the Energy Internet will make energy prices step down, but also make the energy production tend to be localized. So the wire and cable industry must make bold innovations, and actively explore as much as possible to avoid the disadvantages brought by the development of the Energy Internet.

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