Electrical cable codes and classification
What is electrical cable?
Electric wire and cable are materials used for electric power, communication and related transmission. "Wires" and "cables" are not strictly bound. Usually less core number, small product diameter, simple structure of the product is called wire, without insulation is called bare wire, the other is called the cable; larger conductor cross-sectional area (greater than 6 square mm) is called the big wire, smaller (less than or equal to 6 mm), called the small wire, insulated wire is also known as cotton covered wire.
Wire and cable include bare conductor, electromagnetic wire and electrical insulation wire, power cable, communication cable and optical cable.
Electrical cable codes:
1) category, application code
A- installation line
B- insulated wire
C- marine cable
K- control cable
N- farm cable
R- cord
U- mine cable
Y- mobile cable
JK- insulated aerial cable
M- coal mine
ZR- flame retardant
NH- refractory
ZA- A class flame retardant
ZB- B class flame retardant
ZC- C class flame retardant
WD- low smoke halogen free type
2) conductor code
T - copper conductor
L- aluminum core
3) insulation code
V - PVC plastic
YJ - XLPE insulation
X - Rubber
Y - Polyethylene
F - polytef
4) the shield code 
V - PVC sheath
Y- polyethylene
N- nylon sheath
P- copper wire braid shield
P2- copper tape shield
L- cotton yarn
Q- lead pack
5) feature code
B- flat type
R- soft
C- heavy
Q- light
G- high pressure
H- electric welding machine
S- twisted pair
6) armored layer code
2 - Double strip
3 - fine round steel wire
4 - Coarse round steel wire
7) outer layer code
1 - fiber layer
2 - PVC jacket
3 - PE jacket
Electrical cable classification:
According to the usage, can be divided into bare wire, insulated wire, heat resistance wire, shielded wire, power cable, control cable, communication cable, radio frequency cable, etc.

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