Electric cable insulation types
Electric cable insulation common types:
Wire and cable market commonly used insulation extrusion materials mainly include the following: polyvinyl chloride(PVC), polyethylene(PE), crosslinked polyethylene(XLPE) and other.
Polyvinyl chloride(PVC), which is what we usually say PVC material, it is a vinyl chloride monomer in the specific conditions of free polymer. Has the characteristics of stability, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, in building materials, daily necessities, pipeline pipe, wire and cable and sealing material has a widely application.
Polyethylene (PE), ethylene polymerization of thermoplastic resin, non-toxic harmless resistance low-temperature performance is superior, also ability of most acid-base erosion, electrical insulation performance excellent. At the same time, because of the characteristics of the non polarity of polyethylene, so with low loss, high conductivity characteristics, so generally used as  high-voltage wire and cable insulation materials.
Cross-linked polyethylene, the English abbreviation XLPE, is high form of polyethylene material after the change. After improvement, making it substantial improvement in physical properties and chemical properties aspects compared with PE material. At the same time, significantly enhance the heat level. Therefore, the cross-linked polyethylene insulated wire and cable has the advantages that polyethylene insulated wire and cable can not match: light weight, good heat resistance, corrosion resistance, insulation resistance is relatively large, etc. But its use has not been popularized because of its higher price.
The insulation level of the power cable is divided into the following types according to the voltage:

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