Difference armoured cable and unarmoured cable
armoured and unarmoured cablesArmour is divided into steel armor (22, 23), fine steel wire armoured (32,33), thick steel wire armored (42,43).
Steel tape armored cable models: VV22, VVP22, ZRVV22, NH-VV2;
Control cable with steel tape armoured cable models: KVVP2, KVV22, KVVP22, ZR-KVV22
Steel wire armoured power cable: VV32, YJV32, ZR-VV32
Steel wire armored control cable: KVV32 KVVP32
Armoured communication cable type: HYA53, HYAT53, HYA23, HYV22, HYA22 (ratproof, buried)
Armored cable mechanical protection layer can be added to any structure of the cable, to increase the mechanical strength of the cable, improve the anti erosion ability, is susceptible to mechanical damage and highly erodible areas designed for telephone cable. You can use any kind of way of laying, laying buried more suitable for rock area.
Depends on the kind of cable you are talking about. Armored TELEPHONE cable is much like the unarmored stuff but has a strong flexible steel jacket underneath the outer covering. Such cable is often used in buried installations where rodents might gnaw the cable. The steel armor then protects the inner jacket and signal wires from damage. 
Armored ELECTRICAL cable looks a lot like - and is functionally like - flexible conduit prestuffed with electrical wiring. Such electrical cable is installed in locations exposed to mechanical damage, such as on the outsides of walls, as an alternative to conduit. This kind of cable has a small metal ribbon to ensure electical continuity of the safety ground. (You must run a separate ground wire in flexible conduit too; you can't depend on the continuity of the conduit.) Inside walls and in other protected locations, less expensive non-armored electrical cable, e.g., Romax, can be installed instead.
Armouring is done for a cable to save the cable Conductor from damage by mechanical injury. Armour is made up of a metal wire or strip generally of galvanized steel. It is wound over the insulation of conductor (copper/Aluminium). Above the Armour one additional layer of insulation(rubber,PVC etc) is provided. 
When cable is laid in an area where chances are there to damage by any mechanical impact, the armouring is provided.
unarmoured cablesUnarmoured cables are made by single or plurality of mutually insulated conductor and outsourcing insulation protection layer, will power or information from transfer to another wire.
Unarmoured cables common code:
Use code standard for power cable, K- (control cable), P- (signal cable);
Conductor material code - not marked as copper (also marked CU), L- (al);
Internal shield code - Q- (Lead package), L- (Aluminum package), H- (rubber sleeve), V- (PVC sheath), the inner sheath generally does not identify;
Outer shield code - V- (polyvinyl chloride), Y- (polyethylene power cable);
The derived code - D- (not drip), P- (dry insulation);
Special product code - TH- (wet tropical), TA- (dry tropical), ZR- (flame retardant), NH- (refractory), WDZ- (low smoke halogen, enterprise standard).

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