Copper power cable type and specification
What is the copper cable type: copper cable type refers to various types of cable.
What is the copper cable specifications: core number and sectional dimension size of copper cable.
Copper power cable

How to express the model of copper cable:
(1) the type and sequence of copper cables: [1: type, usage][2: conductor][3: insulation][4: inner protection layer][5: structure features][6: outer sheath or derived]-[7: usage characteristics].
(2) model code for copper cables:
Application code - without labeled as power cable, K- (control cable), P- (signal cable);
Conductor material code - without labeled as copper (also can be labeled as CU), L- (aluminum);
Internal shield code - Q- (Lead package), L- (Lv package), H- (rubber sleeve), V- (PVC sheath), the inner sheath generally does not identify;
Outer shield code - V- (polyvinyl chloride), Y- (polyethylene power cable);
Derived code - D (no trickle), P- (dry insulation);
Special product code - TH (wet tropics), TA- (dry tropics), ZR- (flame retardant), NH- (fire resistance), WDZ- (low smoke halogen free, enterprise standard).
Copper power cable
Copper cable specifications:
(1) the specifications of copper cables are usually expressed:
Single core branch cable specifications: the same loop cable root number * (1* nominal cross sectional wire and cable), 0.6/1KV, such as: 4*(1*185)+1*95 0.6/1KV
The multi core sheath branch cable specifications: cable core number * nominal cross section of -T, such as: 4 * 25-T
(2) the specification of copper cables in detail: because branch cables contain main and branch cables. And the structure of the two specifications are different, so there are two kinds of representation:
The main cable and the extension cable respectively:
such as: trunk cable: FD-YJV-4* (1*185) +1*950.6/1KV
Branch line cable: FD-YJV-4* (1*25) +1*160.6/1KV
This method is very simple in design, can easily show the different specifications of the extension
The main cable and the extension cable together representation, such as: FD-YJV-4 wire and cable specifications * (1*185/25)+1*95/16 0.6/1KV
This method is more intuitive, but only for the case of same specification extension cable, can not express the different specifications of the extension cable:
Because the branch cable is mainly used in 1KV low voltage power distribution system, so its rated voltage 0.6/1KV can be omitted when designing the mark.

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