Cable wire colours provisions
GB: yellow, green, red, blue, respectively  on behalf of A.B.C.N
European standard: red (L1), yellow / white (L2), blue (L3), black (midcourt line), green / yellow (ground)
Standard color: Brown (L1), black (L2), gray (L3), blue (midcourt line), green / yellow (ground)
Three-phase AC circuit:
A phase:yellow; B phase: green; C phase: red; zero line or neutral line: light blue; ground wire: yellow and green double color.
AC circuit of dual core wire or double stranded wire connected with: red and black parallel.
The positive electrode of the DC circuit: Brown; negative: blue;
Mark circuit in accordance with the wire color:
Black: internal wiring for devices and equipment.
Brown: positive electrode of DC circuit.
Red: three phase circuit and C phase; semiconductor transistor collector; semiconductor diode, rectifier diode or thyristor cathode.
Yellow: A phase of three phase circuit, the base electrode of semiconductor transistor, silicon controlled rectifier tube and bidirectional thyristor.
Green: B phase of three-phase circuit.
Blue: the negative pole of DC circuit; the emitter of a semiconductor transistor; an anode of semiconductor diode, rectifier diode, or thyristor.
Light blue: zero line or neutral line of three-phase circuits; the grounding of the DC circuit.
White: the main electrode of the bidirectional thyristor;
Semiconductor circuit without a specified color.
Yellow and green dual color (each color width of about 15~100 mm alternately); safe ground wire.
Red and black parallel: AC circuit with double stranded wire or double stranded wire.

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