Cable core size and how to judge cable core number?
3 core: single phase load
3+1 core: three-phase balanced load, such as three-phase motor
3+2 core: three-phase basic balance load
4+1 core: three phase may be big imbalance load
5 core is the 3+2 core or 4+1 core
The cable core diameter comparison table:

How to judge cable core number?
YJV-4*95+2*50 is copper core XLPE power cable, belongs to 6 core, 4 core 95mm2 + 2 core 50mm2, usually called 4+2 (the so-called 4+2 95mm2 cable, is 6 core cable with 4 core 95mm2 + 2 core 50mm2 ), cable cross-sectional area is calculated in accordance with the 95mm2 specifications.
YJV-3*70+E35 is copper core cross-linked polyethylene power cable, the cable is 4 core, that is, 3 core 70mm2 + 1 core 35mm2, usually referred as 3+1 70mm2  cable. The 1 core 35mm2 is E35, which shows that the use of the grounding line of cable core wire. The set of quota is calculated according to the 70mm2 specification.
Single core wire:
Single core wire, which means that there is only one conductor between an insulating board layer. It is generally used in the condition that the voltage is over 35KV, the relationship between the wire core and the metal shield layer is generally used as a single core cable, which can be regarded as the relationship between the coil and the iron core in the primary winding of a transformer. When the single core cable through the current will have magnetic chain or aluminum clad metal shielding layer, make it appear at both ends of the induction voltage.
Multi core cable:
Multi core line is generally three core wire, usually three core wires, are used at both ends of the grounding mode, because in the cable operation, the current flowing through the three wire core is zero, the cable metal shield at both ends of the voltage is not basically. (general 35kV and the following voltage rating of cable).

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