CE certification: wire and cable EN 50525
European coordination standards HD 21 (VDE DIN 0281) and HD 22 (VDE DIN 0282) part of the standard will be replaced by EN 50525. By then, HD 21 and HD 22 standard will expire in January 17, 2014, all cable certificates involved must be completed within this period EN 50525 standard update.

EN 50525 series Standard Replaced HD standard Corresponding cable type
EN 50525-1 General requirements HD21.1; HD22.1 ---
General cable
EN 50525-2-11 Flexible cable HD 21.5; HD 21.12 H03VV-F, H03VVH2-F, H05VV-F, H05VVH2-F, H03V2V2-F, H03V2V2H2-F, H05V2V2-F, H05V2V2H2-F, H05V2V2D3-F
EN 50525-2-12 Spiral telescopic line HD 21.10 H03VVH8-F, H03VVH2H8-F, H05VVH8-F, H05VVH2H8-F
EN 50525-2-21 Rubber flexible cable HD 22.4; HD 22.10; HD 22.11; HD 22.12; HD 22.16 H05RR-F, H05RN-F, H07RN-F, H07RN8-F, H05BB-F, H07BB-F, H05BN4-F, H07BN4-F, H05BQ-F, H07BQ-F, H05GG-F, H05GGH2-F
EN 50525-2-22 Rubber braided flexible cable HD 22.14 (Clause 6) H03RT-H
EN 50525-2-31 Fixed wiring with no sheathed cable HD 21.3; HD 21.7 H07V-U, H07V-R, H07V-K, H05V-U, H05V-R, H05V-K, H07V2-U, H07V2-R, H07V2-K, H05V2-U, H05V2-R, H05V2-K
EN 50525-2-41 Single core silica gel line HD 22.3 H05S-U, H05S-K, H03S-K, H05SJ-U, H05SJ-K, H05SS-K
EN 50525-2-42 Single core EVA line HD 22.7 H07G-U, H07G-R, H07G-K, H05G-U, H05G-K
EN 50525-2-51 Oil resistant control cable HD21.13 H05VV5-F, H05VVC4V5-K
EN 50525-2-71 Copper flexible wire HD21.5 (clause 2) H03VH-Y

EN 50525-2-72
PVC separable
PVC Flat cable HD 21.11 H03VH7H-F
EN 50525-2-81 Welding cable HD 22.6 H01N2-D, H01N2-E
EN 50525-2-82 Led twinkle light cable HD 22.8 H03RN-F, H05RN-F, H05RNH2-F
EN 50525-2-83 Multi-fiber silicone soft cable HD 22.15 H05SS-F, H05SST-F, H05SSD3-K, H05SSD3T-K
With special combustion performance of cable
EN 50525-3-11 Thermoplastic soft low smoke zero halogen cables HD 21.14 H03Z1Z1-F, H03Z1Z1H2-F, H05Z1Z1-F, H05Z1Z1H2-F
EN 50525-3-21 Cross-linked low smoke zero halogen flexible cable HD 22.13 H07ZZ-F
EN 50525-3-31 Thermoplastic low smoke zero halogen sheath the single core cable HD 21.15 H07Z1-U, H07Z1-R, H07Z1-K, H05Z1-U, H05Z1-R, H05Z1-K
EN 50525-3-41 Cross-linked low smoke zero halogen sheath the single core cable HD 22.9 H07Z-U, H07Z-R, H07Z-K, H05Z-U, H05Z-K

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