Armoured cable suppliers uk
Armoured cable suppliers
Armoured cable features:
1.High current carrying capacity
2.Low conductor resistance
3.High insulation resistance
4.Small bending radius
6.Resistant to heat
7.Resistant to oil and flame
8.Ozone resistant
9.Extra flexible
10.Exceptional mechanical properties
Armoured cable application:
Armored cable mechanical protection layer can be added to any structure of the cable, to increase the mechanical strength of the cable, improve the anti erosion ability is designed as vulnerable to mechanical damage and erosion prone area telephone cable. You can use any kind of way for laying, is more suitable for laying buried in rock area.
Armoured cable suppliers all over the word:
Foreign armoured cable production mainly concentrated in several developed countries, such as the United States, UK, Britain, Japan, Germany, Russia and China, Southeast Asia also has no manufacturers, but as long as there is temperature measurement of chemical industry, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, power generation industry, you need to armored cables.
steel wire armoured cable(thin or thick wire), steel tape armored cable, mainly including the following diameter: 10mm2, 16mm2, 25mm2, 50 sq mm, 70 mm2, 120mm2, 150mm2, 185mm2, 240mm2, 300mm2, and other diameter according to customers' actual need.

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