Armoured cable earthing
All electrical equipment presents the metal part are considered as charged, the construction site used the armored cable outsourcing metal brought into line and terminal to earthing, also used in the construction of the distribution box shall be equipped with electric leakage switch, construction of electrical equipment must ground.
1, power cable shielding layer and a sheath layer protection of cables and earthing of casing, which should have a layer of shielding layer, in the terminal to ground, generally by soldering the soft copper wire welding old, and the other end is connected with the earth can be. Both are the same. Not after lightning arrester. If it is in the end as long as connect the outer.
2, control cable and computer cable shielding layer and a sheath layer is mainly shielding, anti external interference signal, the general can not pick up, must also device shell connection and not ground.
How the grounding cable head?
As the steel cables and shielded grounding wire with copper braided wire. Stripped of each wire core copper shield with outer plastic belt, be smoothing copper tape screened, with electric soldering iron, soldering copper braided belt are respectively welded with copper shield in three core wire. Reoccupy cloth grinding the weld zone of the steel tape armored, with soft copper wire will be shielded copper belt and steel tape armoured lashing three, then electric soldering iron, solder to copper braid welding on the steel tape armored. In the wire seal with solder fill braided line, forming a moisture resistant section.

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