Armored cable specifications and technical parameter
Armored cable specifications
Armored cable specifications:
Armored control cable for mine: MKVV22,MKVV32?2*0.5,3*0.75,4*4,--37*1.5mm
Armored control cable type: KVV22,KVV32,KVVR22?2*0.5,3*0.75,4*4,--37*1.5mm
Armored shielded control cable type: KVVP-22,RVVP-22,KVVRP-22,KVVP2-22,KVVRP2-22?2*0.5,3*0.75,4*4,--37*1.5mm
Sheathed flame retardant control cable type: ZR-KVV22,ZR-KVV32,ZR-KVVR22?2*0.5,3*0.75,4*4,--37*1.5mm
Sheathed flame retardant control cable shielding type: ZR-KVVP22,ZR-KVVRP22,ZR-KVVP2-22,ZR-KVVRP2-22?2*0.5,3*0.75,4*4,--37*1.5mm
Sheathed communication cable type:HYA22,HYA23,HYA53,HYV22,HYV23
Armored fire retardant communication cable type: ZR-HYA22,ZR-HYA23,ZR-HYA53,WDZ-HYA23,WDZ-HYA53
Armored fire retardant communication  cable type: MHYA22,MHYV22,MHYA32,MHYV32
Armored cable for railway signal: PZY23,PTY23,PZY22,PTY22,PZYH23,PTYH23, PZYA23,PZYA22,PZYAH22,PTYAH22,PTYAH32,PZY32
High voltage, low voltage armored cable technical requirements:
Operating condition:
1. the rated voltage and frequency: 8.7/15kV, 50Hz.
2. system grounding mode: neutral point is not grounded or grounded system of arc suppression coil.
Environmental condition:
Ambient temperature: -15℃- +60 ℃
Laying condition:
Laying environment is buried pipe, channel, bridge, tunnel, shaft, etc.
When the cable is laid underground, the cable may be immersed in water.
Operating requirements:
1. rated operating temperature of the cable conductor is 90℃.
2. The conductor temperature not exceeding 250℃ during short circuit.
3. cable bending radius: not less than 15 times of the actual diameter of the cable.

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