Armoured cable copper core and aluminium core
Aluminum core cable
Used as conductive material of wire and cable, usually have two kinds of copper and aluminum. High conductivity of copper and 20 ℃ the resistivity is 1.72×10-6Ω·cm, aluminum core 20℃ the resistivity is 2.82×10-6Ω·cm, is about 1.68 times of copper; when same laod flow, aluminum core section is about 1.5 times of copper. Copper core has low loss, the mechanical properties of copper is better than aluminum, good ductility, easy processing and installation. The anti fatigue strength is about 1.7 times of aluminum. But small proportion of aluminum, when the resistance value is same, aluminum core quality is only half of copper, aluminum cable is lighter significantly.
Copper wire core is generally used for the fixed laying wire.
Conductor material should be based on the nature of the load, environmental conditions, the actual situation of the market supply to select copper or aluminum core.
Aluminum core cable should not be used in the following situations:
1) need to ensure long-term operation in the connection of reliable loops, such as important power supply, important operating circuit and the two circuit, motor excitation circuit, etc.
2) the line of the mobile equipment and the line of the vibration place;
3) on the corrosion of aluminum environment;
4) high temperature environment, humid environment, explosion and fire hazard environment;
5) line of emergency system and fire fighting facilities;
6) industrial and municipal engineering, outdoor engineering cloth wire (branch distribution wire).
Aluminum core cable should not be used in any of the following situations:
1) Unskilled workers are easy to contact line, such as public building and residential building.
2) wire core cross section 6mm2 and below cable.
Aluminum conductors shall be used in the following occasions:
1) on the corrosion of copper and aluminum corrosion relatively light environment;
2) ammonia compressor room.
Aluminum core cable should be used in any of the following situations:
1) overhead transmission line;
2) larger power cut if circuit.

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