Why do low voltage cable adopt four core? and what is 4 core armoured cable colours?
Why do low voltage cable adopt four core?
The low voltage power network in urban residential area generally adopts three-phase four-wire system, four core cable is commonly used in low voltage power network. In four core cable, three-phase conductor outside a wire core is called the neutral line, its function is through the three-phase alternating current unbalance current. Three core cable with a conductor as a neutral line, in the three-phase four-wire low voltage power grid can not be used, because in this case, three-phase unbalanced current will pass from the three core armoured cable, so that the armor layer heat, will reduce the current carrying capacity of cable.
In the power grid, unbalanced current is too large, low voltage cable neutral line cause serious overload because the section is too small. So appropriate mix low voltage cable cross-section, so often require the cable manufacturers to produce four-core constant section low voltage cable, under the condition of the three-phase load imbalance, neutral line of cable has capacity enough to go through the unbalanced current.
Four core cable
Four core cable application:
Four core cable is generally used in three-phase power equipment, three core phase line and sigle core grounding wire.
General distribution system has TN-S, TN-C-S and other systems, the domestic also known as three-phase three wire, three-phase four wire, three-phase five wire system. According to the distance between power supply and load, load type, with or without common grounding connector, safety requirements, cost considerations, and other factors to choose whether to lead PE line and ground wire to load. There are three master cores, a neutral line (zero line) wire, neutral lines core conductor cross section usually is about half of the main core, used for 0.6/1kV low-voltage transmission.
Four core cable specifications:
3*2.5mm2+1.5mm2, 3*2.5mm2+1.5mm2, 3*6mm2+4mm,3*50m+16mm2, 2*1.5mm2,3*2.5+1*1.5mm2, 3*4+1*2.5mm2, 3*6+1*4mm2, 3*10+1*6mm2, 3*16+1*10mm2, 3*25+1*16mm2, 3*35+1*16mm2, 3*50+1*25mm2, 3*70+1*35mm2, 3*95+1*50mm2, 3*120+1*70mm2, 3*150+1*70mm2, 3*185+1*95mm2
4 core armoured cable colours:
Slashed the cable, some cables are dichroic, four lines respectively are yellow, green, red and blue.
Yellow, green, red represents the three phase line, blue represents zero line. Some are other colors, such as red line represents firing line, the black line represents the zero line, yellow and white lines represent the ground wire. Because the color is determined according to the various manufacturers, may not be same, but they all have red, that is, the fire line.
If the four core is the same color (usually yellow), then the four lines are marked number, respectively, 0,1,2,3. 0 represents the zero line, 1,2,3 represents phase line.

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