Angola is a southern african nation power cable standards
South African wire and cable SABS certification
Standard: SANS1507:2002
Voltage level: 300V/500V-19KV/33KV
Conductor number: solid insulation, single core and multi core
SANS1507:2002: Electric cables with extruded solid dielectric insulation for fixed installations (300/500 V to1 900/3 300 V)
  Part 1: General.
  Part 2: Wiring cables.
  Part 3: PVC Distribution cables.
  Part 4: XLPE Distribution cables.
  Part 5: Halogen-free distribution cables.
  Part 6: Service cables.
South Africa SABS cable certification, include low voltage XLPE power cable, overhead cable (including steel core aluminum stranded wire is best selling in South Africa, South Africa is relatively rich, but the country is still in the stage of basic construction, has the huge demand for low-end products), electrical equipment (such as rubber insulated cable, mineral rail transportation class etc.).

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