Types of electric cables
Types of electric cables
1, bare wire and bare conductor products
The main feature of this kind of product is pure metal conductor, non-insulation and jacket layers, such as steel core aluminum strand, copper and aluminum bus, electric locomotive line; processing technology is mainly pressure processing, such as melting, rolling, drawing, stranding / compacted twisted and so on; products are mainly used in suburban, rural, user main line, switch cabinet.
2, power cable
The main feature of this kind of products is: in the outer conductor collapse (around) insulated layer, such as overhead insulated cables, or a few core stranding (corresponding to the power system phase, the zero line and the ground), such as the above two core overhead insulated cables, or increases the jacket layer, such as plastic / rubber wire and cable.
The main technology is drawn, stranded, insulated out (wrapped), cabling, armored, protection layer extrusion, a variety of products different processes combination has certain difference.
Products are mainly used in distribution, transmission, transformation and in the power supply circuit of high voltage electric transmission, the current large (tens to thousands of security), high voltage (220V to 500kV and above).
3, electrical equipment wire and cable
The main characteristics of products: a variety of specifications, application scope widely used voltage 1kV and below more, face special occasions we derived new products, such as refractory cable, flame-retardant cable, low smoke non halogen / low smoke and low halogen cable, anti termite, anti mouse cable, oil resistance / tolerance / resistance temperature / resistance cable, medical / agricultural / mine cable, thin wire etc.
4, communication cables and optical fiber cable
With the recent more than and 20 years, the rapid development of the communications industry, the product also has an amazing speed of development. From the simple telephone cable in the past to the development of several thousand pairs of cable, coaxial cable, cable, data cable, and even the combination of communication cables, etc.
5, electromagnetic wire (winding wire)
Mainly used for all kinds of motor, instrument and meter, etc.
Cable derivative / new products:
The derivation of wire and cable / new products are mainly due to the application occasions, the requirements of different applications and equipment convenience and reduce the cost of equipment and other requirements, and the use of new materials, special materials, or change the product structure.
Using different materials such as flame retardant cable, low smoke halogen free / low smoke and low halogen cable, anti termites, anti mouse cable, oil / cold / temperature resistance cable, etc.;
To change the product structure, such as: fire resistant cable, etc.;
Improve the technical requirements, such as: medical cable, etc.;
Combination products such as: OPGW, etc.;
Easy to install and reduce the cost of equipment, such as: prefabricated branch cable.

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