What is xlpe insulation properties?
Cross linked polyethylene, XLPE, is an important technology to improve the performance of PE. Through Cross linked PE its performance can be improved greatly, not only significantly improve the PE mechanical properties, resistance to environmental should stress cracking, resistance to chemical corrosion resistance, creep resistance and electrical properties of comprehensive performance, and obviously improve the level of temperature resistance, so that the heat resistant temperature of PE increased from 70 ℃ to 90 ℃, thereby greatly broaden the scope of application of PE.
Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of common wire and cable XLPE insulation material:
Comparison of XLPE insulating and thermoplastic polyethylene, has the following advantages:
1) improved heat distortion, improve the mechanical properties under high temperature, improved resistance cracking and heat aging.
2) enhances the chemical stability and resistance to solvent and reducing the cold flow, basically maintained the original electrical performance, long-term working temperature of up to 125℃ and 150 ℃, XLPE insulated wire and cable, but also improve the capacity of short circuit, the short-time withstand temperatures up to 250℃, same thickness of wire and cable, crosslinked polyethylene ampacity is bigger.
3) XLPE insulated wire cable has excellent mechanical, waterproof and radiation resistance so widely used. Such as electrical connections within the line, lead wire of the motor, lighting wire, auto low voltage signal control line, locomotive wire, subway with shipping, mining environmental protection cable, wire and cable cable, nuclear power laying cable, TV high-voltage wire, firing X - ray high voltage line, and power transmission electric wire cable industry.

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