Mechanical protection for cables
1, large current power cable caused by eddy current problems
Power cable in the construction, the adoption of steel bracket, adoption of steel protective pipe, the cable card and overhead laying, who formed around the power cable steel (iron) closed loop may have to form a vortex, especially in the high current power cable system, the greater the vortex. In the construction of power cable, measures must be taken, so that the cable can not be formed around the steel (iron) closed loop, to prevent the cable caused by eddy current phenomenon.
2. Mechanical damage caused by turning of power cable
Due to the larger diameter of the power cable, the transportation and installation are more difficult, and the requirement of the turning radius of the power cable is more strict. Power cable in the construction, if the turning angle is too large, may make internal conductor by mechanical damage, and mechanical damage by cable insulation strength decreased, until the malfunction, found that the construction of a cable head failure, produced in the cable head, three cable head is the same length, and equipment connection due to the limitation of terrain, cable head too long become arched, the root of the cable head damaged discharge. After taking measures, the connection of the equipment, the appropriate shortening of the length of the cable connection, the three-phase cable head are not affected by external force, the practice proves that the operation effect is good. Thus, the cable construction process, to reduce the cable by the torque, in the cable turn and leave the cable, so that the cable in a natural bend, to prevent internal mechanical damage.
3, power cable moisture problem
Operating experience shows that most of the low and medium voltage power cable fault cable middle connector and terminal fault, and middle joint and terminal head failure mostly due to poor sealing, moisture intrusion caused by the insulating strength is reduced, and low and medium voltage power cable network in the dendritic power supply, cable terminal number, so guaranteeing the cable terminal head and the middle connector plugging dense sealed off is to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the cable is one of the most important measures.
4, medium and low voltage power cable grounding problem
In public, voltage power cable online, because the three-phase load is not equal. Therefore, if the use of a metal support layer of the cable must consider metal protecting layer ground problems, and ensure in the metal support layer of any point non earthing of normal induction voltage shall not be greater than 100V. I think, in the low and medium voltage cable nets, all cable joints shall be set grounding electrodes (Network), and the metal sheath grounding is reliable.

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