Power cable cost calculation
We commonly used wire and cable belongs to the cloth wire, also called home cable. The wire structure is simple and the cost is easy to calculate. Wires consist of insulated (polyvinyl chloride) and conductors (copper or aluminum).
First introduce the conductor (copper) cost calculation:
1, the first calculate the weight of copper.
Cu weight = Cu density (0.0089) * volume of conductor (copper). The volume of copper is the same as the volume of cylinder. Bottom area * height (i.e., the length of the wire). The calculation of copper area first measure the diameter of wire.
Power cable cost calculation

2, copper wire weight * the price of copper wire. This is the price of copper wire.
3, PVC insulation cost calculation: the total weight of wire - the weight of copper = insulated weight, and then multiplied the price of polyvinyl chloride material = insulation price.
4, then add 5% production cost, this is the cost of this set of wire and cable.
Note: the calculation method of the aluminum core wire is the same as above. The proportion of aluminum wire is 0.0027
Learn how to calculate the cost of wire and cable, for us buy cheap and good quality wire and cable has laid good foundation. The price is too low, the wires have a problem for certain, because which dealers will not make money losing business, the price is too high, this is the distributor large profits.

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