electrical cable sheathing categories
The cable sheath can be mainly divided into three categories, namely metal protective layer (including the outer layer), rubber protective layer and combination sheath. In addition, in order to meet some special requirements, such as radiation, anti biological cable sheath is called special protective layer.
(1) metal protective layer. Metal protecting layer has completely watertightness, can prevent moisture and other harmful substances into the cable insulation internal, is widely used as moisture resistance of oil impregnated paper insulated power cable and ultra high voltage cable sheath.
Metal sheath is commonly used aluminum, lead and steel, according to the different processing technology, can be divided into hot metal sheath and welded metal sheath of two kinds. In addition to the use of formed metal tubes as cable metal sheath, such as steel pipe cable.
(2) rubber sheath. The characteristics of rubber protective layer is soft, lightweight, and are widely used in mobile type cable. But because there is a certain permeability of rubber and plastic material, so can only in use with high moisture resistance of polymer materials as the cable insulation applications. Split type zirconia oxygen analyzer, and between the primary instrument and the two instrument is used in connecting cable sheath.
Rubber protection layer structure is relatively simple, usually only a sheath, and is generally rubber insulated cable with rubber sheath (also useful plastic sheath), but plastic insulated cable has plastic sheath.
(3) combined sheath. Combined protection layer, also known as comprehensive protective layer or simple metal layer. It has been widely used in plastic communication cable. In recent years, it has been paid more and more attention in the plastic power cable.
The so-called combination of protective layer, usually by a thin aluminum strip and a combination of polyethylene sheath. Therefore, it not only retains the characteristics of plastic cable soft and light, but also due to the introduction of aluminum with the role of the tide, so that its permeability than a single plastic jacket greatly reduced. The water permeability of the composite protective layer is lower than the polyethylene sheath, aluminum polyethylene adhesion combined sheath water permeability is more 50 times of PVC sheath.

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