Electric wire and cable core basic composition and materials
Wire core action:
 Conduction current
Requirements: conductive ability is good; easy to process; moderate price; good mechanical properties.
1. The main materials: copper, aluminum
The resistivity of copper:ρ=0.017241×10-6Ω·m,
The temperature coefficient of resistance is α=0.00393/℃, and the conductivity is only inferior to silver.
Aluminum: resistivity ρ=0.026×10-6Ω·m, resistance temperature coefficient α=0.00403/℃, conductivity is behind  the silver, copper, gold, ranked fourth.
Temperature coefficient of resistance: indicates that the temperature increases 1℃, resistance increase multiple.
2. The main structure:
A. single wire: small wire cross section is single wire, section I is general 10mm2 above and less than 16mm2 cable; large sections cable first consider the twisted wire core, section I general 10mm2 above and below 25 mm2 cable;
The structure is: round wire, double metal round wire, coated round wire, hollow round wire, flat wire, double metal flat wire, hollow flat wire, arched single line, Z single wire, sector single wire, trapezoidal single line, polygon single wire, double single wire.
B. twisted wire core: soft, bending is good
Twisted shape: round, oval, oval
C. fan wire core: cable conductive wire core section in 35 mm2 and above most uses sector core structure;
Features: compact structure, reduce the size of the cable, saving materials, structural stability
D. copper core aluminum stranded wire and cable: self bearing (overhead line)
E. segmentation line core: reduced skin effect, proximity effect; each sector outer layer are covered with an insulating film, due to equipotential, were not breakdown.
Skin effect: refers to the work, the cable surface current is very big, and the middle is very small.
Proximity effect: when the two ends are close to the cable, the current is larger than the part of the cable.
Divided into two kinds: one is the non compact type; one is the tight pressure type.
Compact structure, compact structure, smooth surface of the wire core, reducing the effect of multi wire, saving material.
F. hollow-core conductor: is mainly used for charging cable.

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