Advantages of copper cable over aluminium core cable
Advantages of copper core cable than aluminum core cable:
1: low resistivity aluminum cable resistivity than copper cable is 1.68 times higher.
2. ductility is good: the extension rate of copper alloy is 20-40%, the elongation rate of copper is more than 30%, while the aluminum alloy is only 18%.
3. high strength: the allowable stress at room temperature, copper are higher than the 7-28%. Especially under high temperature stress, the difference between the two is very far. 
4. anti fatigue: Aluminum repeated bending easy to break, copper is not easy. In terms of flexibility, copper is about 1.7-1.8 times higher than aluminum.
5. good stability, corrosion resistance: copper core oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, while the aluminum core is susceptible to oxidation and corrosion.
6. load flow is large: due to the low resistivity, the same section of the copper core cable than the aluminum core cable to allow the flow rate (through the maximum current) of about 30%.
7. low voltage loss: due to the low resistivity of the copper core cable, in the same section flow through the same current. Voltage drop of copper core cable. Therefore, the same transmission distance, can guarantee the quality of higher voltage; or, in the allowable voltage drop conditions, copper core cable transmission can achieve far distance, i.e., the power supply to cover a large area and is conducive to the temporary electric power network planning, reduce the number of set point of supply.
8. heating temperature is low: in the same current, the same section of the copper conductor cable heat than the aluminum core cable is much smaller, making the operation more secure.
9. low energy consumption: due to the low resistivity of copper, compared to aluminum cable, the power loss of copper cable is low, which is obvious. This is conducive to improving the utilization rate of power generation and protecting the environment.
10. oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance: copper core cable connection head performance is stable, not due to oxidation and accident. The joint instability of the aluminum core cable is often due to the increase of the contact resistance and the occurrence of an accident due to the contact resistance. As a result, the accident rate is much larger than that of the copper core cable.
11. It is convenient for construction:
copper core flexible, allow the curvature radius is small, so easy to bend, wear tube is easy; 
copper core anti fatigue, repeated bending is not easy to break, so convenient wiring;
copper core of high mechanical strength, withstand high mechanical tension, for laying construction bring great convenience and also for the mechanical construction to create the conditions.
Advantages of aluminum core cable than copper core cable:
1. cheap price: copper bar is 3.5 times the price of aluminum, copper is 3.3 times the proportion of aluminum, so the aluminum core cable is much cheaper than the copper core cable, suitable for low capital projects or temporary electricity.
2. cable is very light: the weight of the aluminum core cable is 40% of copper core cable, construction and transportation are low cost.
3. Resistance to oxidation and corrosion: aluminum reacts with oxygen in air to quickly generate a film, can prevent further oxidation, so the aluminum wire is high voltage, large section and large span overhead transmission required materials.

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