Electric cables long-term storage
Electric cables long-term storage
If the cable is to be stored for a long time, according to the laying position, the cable should be considered as the following:
1, under the eaves. Cable only can not expose in the sun exposure or super high temperature, the standard LAN cable can be applied, it is recommended to use the pipeline.
2, the external wall. Avoid direct sunlight and man-made damage to the wall.
3, in the pipe (plastic or metal). In the pipeline, pay attention to the damage of the plastic pipe and the heat conduction of the metal pipeline.
4, suspended application / overhead cable. Consider the cable sag and the pressure, which is intended to use a bundle, the cable is directly exposed to the sun.
5, directly in the underground cable trench laying, this environment is the smallest control. Installation of cable trench should be checked regularly for dry or wet.
6, underground pipeline. In order to facilitate the future upgrade, cable replacement and the surface pressure and the surrounding environment isolation, auxiliary pipeline phase isolation, auxiliary pipeline is a better way. But do not want to send a hope that the pipeline will always remain dry, which will affect the choice of cable types.

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