Electrical cable supplier - Henan Jiapu
Electrical cable supplier - Henan Jiapu
Electrical cable is an assembly consisting of one or more conductors with their own insulations and optional screens, individual covering, assembly protection and protective covering. Electrical cables may be made more flexible by stranding the wires.
Electrical cables are extensively used in building wiring for lighting, power and control circuits permanently installed in buildings. Since all the circuit conductors required can be installed in a cable at one time, installation labor is saved compared to certain other wiring methods.
The term originally referred to a nautical line of specific length where multiple ropes, each laid clockwise, are then laid together anti-clockwise and shackled to produce a strong thick line, resistant to water absorption, that was used to anchor large ships. In mechanics, cables, otherwise known as wire ropes, are used for lifting, hauling, and towing or conveying force through tension. In electrical engineering cables are used to carry electric currents. An optical cable contains one or more optical fibers in a protective jacket that supports the fibers.
Cables can be securely fastened and organized, such as by using trunking, cable trays, cable ties or cable lacing. Continuous-flex or flexible cables used in moving applications within cable carriers can be secured using strain relief devices or cable ties.
Electrical cable types:
Cables have power cables, control cables, compensating cables, shielded cables, high temperature cable, computer cable, signal cable, coaxial cables, fireproof cables, ship with cable, mining cable, aluminum alloy cable and so on. They are composed of single or multi strand wire and insulation layer, used to connect the circuit, electrical appliances and so on.
Electrical cable suppliers in China:
There are many electrical cable suppliers in China, such as Huadong, ZMS, People, Tongda, Jinshui, Tano, Jiapu, Hongliang, Yifang, Tinde,etc. In which henan jiapu cable group is the professional electric cable manufacturer, which can supply various of wire & cable.
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