Vietnam's First Solar Power Station Started build
On August 29, a 19.2 megawatt solar power plant started building in in Vietnam's Quang Ngai province. It was the first solar power plant in Vietnam which was expected to put into operation to generate electricity in July next year.
This solar power plant costed about $ 36,120,000, of which the output was about 28 million kwh of clean electricity annually to be sent to the backbone network. Solar power plant would use solar panels imported from Thailand.
Earth encyclopedia noted that nearly a quarter of Vietnam's energy consumption coming from oil, while the remaining 10% was supplied by hydropower, coal accounted for 20%, and natural gas accounted for 11%.
So far, Vietnam's solar energy development was relatively slow. The encyclopedia said, by the end of 2014, the installed capacity of Vietnam reached a peak of 3600 kilowatts, of which was about 15,000 small photovoltaic applications.

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