100m Directly buried armoured cable per roll
Directly buried armoured cable laying requirements:
Cable buried depth should meet the following requirements:
1. The cable surface distance from the ground should not be less than 0.7m. Through farmland should not be less than 1m. In the introduction of buildings, and underground buildings cross and bypass the underground buildings, can be buried, but should take protective measures.
2. The cable should be buried under the frozen soil layer, when the condition is limited, it should take measures to prevent the cable from being damaged.
3. Between the cables, cable and other pipelines, roads, buildings, such as parallel and cross between the minimum net distance, should be in line with the provisions of the following table. It is strictly prohibited to parallel the cable to the above or below the pipe.
Upper part and lower part of direct buried cable should be paved with not less than 100mm thick soft soil or sand, and stamped with the protective plate, the coverage width should be more than the cable on both sides of the 50mm, the protective plate can be by concrete cover or brick. There should be no stone or other hard debris or sand in soft soil.
Cable buried in the straight line section every 50 to 100m, cable joint, corner, enter a building, etc. should set clear compass marks or stake.
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Generally 100m armoured cable per roll, but this is determined by armoured cable cross-sectional area, length, roll size.

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