Jiapu double wire PVC cable successful delivery to Indonesia

On September 2th, one customer, Adel, from Indonesia send us an inquiry about double wire covered pvc cable. His requirement was the following: 
"Plz qoute cables for electricity wiring single 2.5mm 500 coils 80 yards 1.5mm 500 coils 80 yards 2.5mm 500 coils double wire covered pvc cable 40 yrds 1.5 mm 500 coils double wire covered pvc cable."
Received his need, and analysis, we decided that our factory can produce PVC cable of his needed, so our saleman contact him directly, through communication for several days, we signed purchase contract. Then we ordered to our factory. By half of a month, through design, produce, test, acceptance, this batch of goods finally successful delivery to Indonesia at the beginning of October.

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