Henan Jiapu Cable Completed Large Export to Southeast Asia
Henan Jiapu Cable Completed Large Export to Southeast Asia
Recently, Henan Jiapu Cable Co., Ltd. signed a big order of overhead insulated line to Southeast Asian country. Under tight time and heavy task situation, Jiapu Cable went all out to improve measures to ensure the quality and quantity of export orders completed on time.
To ensure timely completion of the recent export orders, the company launched a relay race. After signing the contract, the various departments of the company urgently mobilized, and respectively made a written commitment. All departments performed their duties, worked together, and took effective measures to ensure the timely completion of export orders. Currently, the orders signed with Jiapu Cable are in an orderly production.
This export order once again successfully stepped into the Southeast Asian market after Henan Jiapu Cable successfully entering the foreign market, which further broadened the international field, expanded the international market share. In recent years, the company actively explored the international market, and the company's products in large quantities exported abroad, which help the company establish good and stable trade relations with foreign customers, and  lay a solid foundation for the occupation of foreign markets.
In recent years, Henan Jiapu Cable Co. Ltd. paid close attention to product quality, actively expanding production capacity, and continued to provide high-quality cable for international clients, including PVC Insulated Power Cable, Overhead Insulated Cables, ACSR, AAC and Armoured Cable, etc. Jiapu Cable will continue to provide the best products and service for customers.

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