Large Cable Order of XLPE insulation cable exported to New Zealand
XLPE insulation cable introduction:
The crosslinked polyethylene insulated cable is made of peroxide crosslinking method, which can be changed from the linear molecular structure to the three-dimensional network structure, which is made from thermoplastic material, and the working temperature increases from 70℃ to 90℃, and the carrying capacity of the cable is improved significantly.
XLPE insulation cable application:
Crosslinked polyethylene(XLPE) insulated cable is suitable for distribution network, industrial equipment or other need for large capacity fields, used to fixed laying electric power transmission and distribution lines with 50Hz, 35kV and 6kV, the main function is to transport the electric energy.
So crosslinked polyethylene insulated cables are widely used in many countries, especially used in urban construction. Henan Jiapu Cable Group is the professional cable supplier, and our products have sucessfully exported to many countries, and succeed in penetrating the Oceanian market, broaden the international arena, expanding the international market share.
Large Cable Order of XLPE insulation cable exported to New Zealand:
In June, our company signed large order of XLPE insulation cable with New Zealand customer. Under the situation of limited time and heavy task, the company went all out to improve efficiency to act quickly and ensure the quality and quantity of export orders on time.
The following is the goods delivery photos:
  XLPE insulation cable exported to New Zealand

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