South American Customers Visited Jiapu Cable
Henan Jiapu Cable
On November 4th, Adluy and his translation and assistant visited Henan Jiapu Cable for two days. Their purpose was to further understand our company, also for field trip to know detailed information of products.
General manager and salemen have entirely accompanied them during this visit. The first day, Adluy and companions visited our factory workshop for testing sample. In the process, our salemen introduced them our company growth, our company history, and detailed introduce our products. Customers asked many problems of the cables. And under the help of our staff, tested armoured cable simple sucessfully.
The second day, Adluy and companions Visited our office building, and detailed discussed cooperation with us in the meeting room.
Through two days contact and understanding, Adluy gave high praise to our company, including our products, our factory and our service. He though Jiapu was so dedicated and professional, and had intention to sign a contract.
Subsequent work will continue to focus on, thank you.

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