Power cable installation and debugging in Yuhang
Mr Zhang, one of our customers in Yuhang City, purcharsed a batch of power cables from Henan Jiapu Cable Group last month. After our goods arrived to his construction site, our factory arranged three engineers to help them install these cable.
The installation requirements of our produced cables are the following:
1. Cable laying requirements:
1. cable steel bracket must be correct, welded firmly, arranged in order, and do anti-corrosion treatment;
2. cable steel bracket should be reliable grounding, grounding wire should be used in the connection of lap welding, welding length must meet the specifications;
3. cable ladder (slot) specifications, bearing span, anti-corrosion type or the design must meet the requirements.
4. metal cable pipe should not have perforation, crack, significant sags and crests and serious corrosion etc.
2. Before cable laying, should carry out the following check:
(1) cable type, voltage, specification shall be in accordance with the design;
(2) cable insulation is good, the buried cable should be qualified by the test; 
3. The distance between the supporting points of the cable on the bracket is not greater:
(1) power cable: horizontal spacing is 1 meters, vertical spacing is 2 meters;
(2) control cable: horizontal spacing is 0.8 meters, vertical spacing is 1 meters;

The following picture was the installation scene at that time:
Power cable installation

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